Wednesday, August 1, 2012

LONG awaited update :s

So.....It has been a LONG....I mean LONG time since I have updated!!!  I really have no good excuses, but life has just been busy lately!  So, here's the latest update from our family:

KayLynn Grace:  She has grown and changed so much in the last year (it's been at least that long since I posted!!!)  She goes through spurts of wanting to be a big girl and then wanting to be our baby.  She is so adorable when she is teasing you!  She has those big blue eyes that sparkle when she smiles.  She was so excited to start dance this summer at the Ottawa County Dance Studio.  She is always moving and groving when there is music on.  She had her dancing debut at the Ottawa County Fair (yes....I will post a video as soon as I can get it downloaded to the computer).  I was a little worried when we started to get her ready and she didn't want to put on her tutu, but we got her in it and she had a blast!  She can't wait to start the fall class (they had this week off and all she has done is ask to go to dance.....stating "I NEED Bridgette (her dance teacher)!!!" when we saw her at Pizza Hut)!  She continues to grow and amaze us each day!!  We thank God everyday she is our littlest Lady Bug :)

Alta Joy:  She had her first year of preschool this last year.  She was so excited to start that all summer long she asked if it was the first day of school yet.  When I started back to school, she thought it should have been her first day back also.  We told her that she had to wait until September 6th.  After that, every morning the question was asked, "Is it Sept 6th today?"  Through out the year, we were constantly amazed with Alta's love of learning and her ability to soak up information!  Alta started gymnastics when she was younger at Parks & Rec in Salina.  She was inviting to participate in the class that would start her road on the competition route.  It was twice a week.  She enjoyed it when she was there, but it started to get a little too much for our family schedule.  We finished the school year out in gymnastics, but decided to take the summer off.  She tried t-ball, which let's just say it was a very interesting experience as a parent (Daddy was the official coach and I just helped when he had to work and couldn't be there)!!  We have decided to let her try competitive cheer with a team here in Minneapolis.  She is getting ready to start her second year of preschool (which means that she will be going on Monday/Wednesday/Fridays) and she is so excited!  I can't wait to see what this year has in store for her and we are truely blessed to have her as our firstborn!

Travis:  He has been working his butt off lately!!  Not only has he been serving and protecting us in a professional manner (working 15 hour two days in one week!!!), but he has been doing a lot for our family (especially me)!  We updated our bathroom (paint, new curtains, mirror) to start our housing projects over Thanksgiving break.  That was just the beginning..........Over this last spring break (yes....way back in March!!), we decided to turn our extra room in the basement into a playroom/guest room.  We were just going to repaint the walls that weren't paneled and scrape the paint of the paneled walls.  It was going well....we ended up having a contest to see who could get the longest peice of paint off the wall at one time....until we got to one corner and it was no longer the same type of paneling.  There was only about a total four foot section that wasn't the same type/color!!!  Well, I am going to head back on topic and I will post pictures and finish the story on another post :)  After spring break, we had a pipe leak in the ceiling of our bedroom (that ran down the wall and ruined carpet).  We still hadn't finished the wall around the egress window, so we decided that we needed to just jump right in and redo our room at this time.  It took awhile (8-10 weeks), but I LOVE our bedroom now that it is done!  I will post pictures of the finished project (I took a couple pics during, but not a lot).  When we got that done, we had about two weeks of nothing going wrong at our house.....which then came the hot water heater going out, so Travis replaced that.....which was a HUGE project because the last one installed was installed incorrectly (only by God's protection, nothing ill happened to anyone in our family) thus creating more time, work and money spent.  Once it was installed, the water line came into the house broke.  He replaced the spicket that burst the next night (after the hardware store was closed) and had to be replaced again. 
After all that work that he did at our house, he has been working with his dad building bookshelves for my classroom. 
So, now when you see know why he is so tired!

Me:  I am so excited to be starting my fourth year of teaching!!  I had to move my classroom this year, but I am okay because it means that we are going to start full day kindergarten at Minneapolis this fall!!!  I love being a wife and mommy to our beautiful girls!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blogger Awards!!!

I have to cheat and steal this idea from Kelly. I saw it on her blog (that she saw on someone else's blog) and thought it was cute. Here's how it works:

1. Thank & link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Tell 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 10 great bloggers.

4. Contact those bloggers & tell them about the award.

About me:

1. I love my hubby......Travis!!!
It was a God thing that we met!!  We both went to Fort Hays State University.  I went there because my first choice was an out of state/private school (which = big $$$) and he went there to byed his time before applying to the Highway Patrol.  The rest of the long story short: he was my best guy friend and after a couple not so hot relationships, he had the guts to ask me out and the rest (as they say) is history.  If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be where I am now........literally (I had planned on moving to the Ozarks and teaching there)!!  I would have also missed out on one of my favorite sports to watch now....wrestling!!  I thought that he was crazy when I first met him and he loved the sport so much!! 

2. I have two to the best & beautiful little girls in the world!!! 
Alta is almost 3 years old!!  I can't believe how fast the time flies!!  I remember like it was yesterday wrapping the pregnancy test for Travis' birthday.  I also remember how horrified I was when he walked into the house and asked (before he opened his gift) why his brother and cousin had called asking him when we were due!!  KayLynn just turned one a couple weeks ago!!!  I don't know if I like this whole having two little ones around......they are a handful!! 

3.  My sister is also my inspiration!!!
Kylie is an amazing person!!!  She is our family's self proclaimed nerd/geek/goober.....but she is one of my best friends and always will be!!!  My girls call her Aunt Tuff.....long story......ask my husband!!!  She is such a dedicated, hard working student!!  She is gifted with many talents!!  She was made captain of color guard her freshman year of high school (I am going to take credit for that talent :P)......She has been captain of her Relay for Life team for the last three years......I could go on and on about her, but I don't have that much time tonight (maybe I will dedicate one whole blog post to her!)!!!

4. My heart will always belong to color guard!!!
I spent 7 years on color guard (3 years in high school and 4 years in college).  Out of those 7 years, I was captain 5 years.  If I would have known more about the sport when I was younger, I would have tried out for drum & bugle corps!!!  I coach cheerleading right now, but if Minneapolis would ever have a bigger marching band and add color guard, I would help with that in a HEARTBEAT!!

5. I love to read!!!
I don't have much time to read for fun, but I love to read romantic mysteries.......notice I didn't say romantic novels!!!  I love a great mystery that throws you for a loop with a little bit of romance.  One of my favorite authors (right now) is Karen Kingsbury!  My goal is to eventually read all of her books!!! 

6. My goal right now is to fit back into my wedding dress......
I have not been happy with my weight/tone for awhile now.  I think I knew I wanted to have two children, so I didn't really do much between the girls to get fit.  The weight seemed to melt away right after KayLynn and then all of a sudden it has all seemed to come back.  I have never been one to really have a New Year's resolution, but I do this year.......get back into my wedding dress!!!

7. Cosmetologist/Photographer
If I wasn't a teacher, I would want to be a cosmetologist or a photographer!!!  When I was little, I said I wanted to be a cosmetologist because it was a really long title (and I was a pretty little girl......if you couldn't have guessed :P)!!!  I still like to do hair and nails!!  I have helped my sister with homecoming hairstyles in the past.  I can't wait until my girls get big enough for me to really do their hair and nails!!!  I have always liked to play around with pictures!!  I love looking at really neat photos.  I need to invest in a program to help me do neat effects to my pictures if you have any ideas.....let me know!

And now on to the awards!

1.  Kelly Marsh
She is married to Travis' cousin, Courtney.  I always love to look at her blog and see what is going on with Mr. most adorable 'nephew' in the world!!!  (Our girls call them Aunt Kelly & Uncle Tourtney)  Alta thinks all pictures of little boys that are about Cael's age has to be him.  I don't know how many times that I have had to tell her, "No....that's not Cael...."  :D  I really enjoy hanging out with her.....I am also glad that she enjoys wrestling too.  I would not have started a blog if it wasn't for her!!!  When she started her blog so we could keep up with her and Courtney in Puerto Rico, I thought it was really neat!!!  I just aspire to have a blog as neat as her's one day!

2. Tricia Daniels
She is Travis' cousin that lives in Texas.  I love looking at all the pictures & videos on her blog of her beautiful family!!!  Her daughter, Daisy, is just a month or so younger than Alta.  I always enjoy it when they can make it to family gatherings!!  Zeke is just adorable also!!!  I can't wait to meet Elijah (who just made his appearance not that long ago)!!!

3. Lindsey George
She is one of the greatest people I have ever met!!  I met her at Hays while in college.  Some of my favorite past times from Hays include her, popcorn and Grey's......I still miss those Thursday nights!!!  She is a WONDERFUL photographer!!!  Click on the link to see her photography blog!  If you live in the Omaha area.....check her out!!!

4. Shauna Nelson
I have spent a couple New Year's evenings with Shauna.....but other than that, I don't know her very well....but she does hang out with some pretty neat people.....and not to forget: her blog is really neat!!!  I love her goal of putting a flip video up for every day of the year!!! 

5. I, unfortunately, do not have awards for numbers 5-10!!! People! Please work with me! Someone, anyone, start blogging!

6. See number 5........

7. See number 6......

8. See number 7.......

9. See number 8........

10. See number 9.............PLEASE HELP!!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days I really have no excuse for not having updated sooner than this.....we are on our #6 snow day this year!!  I am so ready to be done with snow!!!  And to clarify:  I have ENJOYED my time with the girls and my husband (he has had scheduled days off on at least 4 of the 6 snow days, if not all of them), but I am a week behind in one of my reading units for first graders.  It is amazing how your prospective changes when you are an adult!!  We have let Alta go outside for a couple of the days, but the others were too cold for her to go out.  During the first time that we had a snow day, Daddy and Papa went to Salina for a part for Papa's work truck and ended up bringing back a sled!!  She had such a BLAST on the sled!!!  At one point, Daddy and Papa both were pulling Mommy and Alta around the yard!  They also have a small hill on the front/side of their house that is just big enough for her right now (eventually she will realize that bigger hills means a faster sled).  Today she went out with Daddy again.  He pulled her around on the sled and they made snow angels (which she said both of hers were for Mommy :D).  I only stayed out for a few minutes to take pictures because it was really cold on any part that wasn't covered (ie...hands and face). 
Another reason I really don't like snow days as an adult is that it really hits my diet hard.....I mean HARD!!!  I have joined our program at work called Worksite Wellness.  We track our fruits and veggies along with our exercise minutes.  We just started our program on Monday.  It is helping keep me more accountable, but I tend to snack and eat more junk on snow days!!! 

I am also going to apologize for the way the pictures look!!!  I have never had SO much trouble adding pictures and moving them around my blog to where I want them!!!

 Travis and I went to Salina to finish up our taxes yesterday (our first snow day this week) and I picked up a cake mix to make with Alta.....I guess while we were gone she told Grammie that she wanted to make cupcakes!!  Grammie and Alta made the cupcakes and then Mommy and Alta frosted them.  She picked out yellow and pink frosting!!

Daddy and Alta making tracks around the house.........

Trying to get on the sled by myself...........

...........Need a little help from Daddy.......... I am ready to go for some more sliding (as she calls it :P)!!!

These are pictures from inside the house......didn't turn out too bad if I do say so it was MUCH warmer that way!!!

Then they decided to come up to the the flash glared a little.....then they threw snow balls at us!!!!!

KayLynn, Jaqu Von Kitty Kitty (who knows how you spell the darn cat's name!!!) and Grammie

KayLynn said "CHEESE" for this picture.......and I have an eye witness too!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beloit 2-Day

I was able to go to the Beloit 2-Day wrestling tourny as the cheerleading sponsor.  I had a lot of fun with the girls that went.....even if they have to pee and miss matches (you know who you are).......  I think it will be fun helping with the high-school cheerleading next year.  Our boys did okay.  Our heavy weight got 6th place, the 135 lb. got 4th place and our 189 lb. got 2nd place.  I am somewhat disappointed with the Minneapolis turnout.  When I started going to wrestling with Travis, there were no seats available if you didn't get there on time!  Now, the girls saved three rows of seats, and they weren't full.  This was Alta's first all day at a tourny......she did pretty well considering.  She wasn't really into the wrestling part of it.....she was into playing with all the little girls from Chanute and Plainville that had Barbies, princesses, and snacks. 

I am getting kind of anxious.....KayLynn's first birthday is coming up FAST!!!  We are having her party in just over a week, and I am NOT ready!!!  I think I had everything for Alta's first party at least a month in advance!  My babies are growing up WAY TOO fast! 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trying this again

We will see if I am able to keep up with this!!  This school year has been really busy!!  Trying to teach and coach jr. high's hard to keep up!!  I just was playing around with the format.....let me know what you think!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Oh no.....

Okay......I know.......I am bad about posting again. I still need to do a post just on KayLynn. She is getting so big!!! I promise, I will get this thing updated!!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KayLynn Grace

I can't believe how big KayLynn is getting!!! She is already 8 months old!!! She started by rolling and scooting backwards (to her dismay)!!! One of her favorite spots to roll was under the couch. Now she is crawling like crazy. KayLynn has learned how to follow us around the house. We have to make sure the gate is closed at the top of the stairs! She is also cutting teeth. We have one little one on the bottom that has been there for good (we have had this tooth playing peek-a-boo). She is also figuring out how to get into things (to our astoundment)!!! She is getting into the wii stuff and the DVD player. We are looking into moving things around so she can't get into them! I will have to post pictures later.

Alta Joy

Well, our oldest is certainly getting big!!! She has done quite a bit this summer. We went to Kenwood Cove (the waterpark in Salina) and loved it!!! Everyday she asks to go back. When we ate out for supper with Mom and Kylie on Saturday, Ky asked her what she did that day. Alta excitedly said, "Go waterpark!" When Kylie asked if she was sure she went.....AJ said that yes she did!! She also likes when the monkey spits on her on the lazy river.
Alta also joined gymnastics this summer. We signed up through the parks & rec department in Salina. She loves that too!!! Everytime we would leave, she would ask to go back. The whole week leading upto the next gymnastics "practice" we would be bombarded with questions about going back. I really like their program for little ones. There is one parent on the floor with them. First they stretch as a group. Then they go around and get to esentially play on gymnastics things like the double bars, mini vault, balance beam, etc. They also get ribbons and get to run around with them.

She has also loved going to all the fairs that we have been to. We went to the Ottawa County Fair. She had a lot of fun during the carnival/bouncy rides. She took part in the baby show. She didn't win :( There were a lot of girls in her age group (I think 10). We also went to the Cloud County Fair with our friends Wade, Linsay, Lewy, and Marlee (we went to supper at El Puerto before the fair and it was GOOD!!! Everyone should try it!). Alta was too short to ride on some of the rides. She was really upset when the big kids could go on the rides and she couldn't. She was allowed to go on the HUGE slide with someone and she LOVED it!! She kept saying, "Again" everytime she would get to the bottom of the slide. We went to the parade with my mom for the Tri-Rivers fair. This is the first year that I didn't go to the fair part at all. It was just really hot that week.

Watching the parade with Daddy......wanting some candy.....

Getting some candy during the parade with Daddy!!!
Ma came to Minneapolis for the parade and rodeo......she took me on the swing before the rodeo!

Standing and putting my hand over my heart during the National Anthem and watching the bring the flag in!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not doing so hot......

It has been a LONG while since I've updated. I do not have any good excuses!!! I have had a wonderful summer being lazy with my girls! I said at the beginning of the summer that my house was going to be organized, we were going to have a garage sale, and everything would be perfect! Well, only one of the three happened......everything was PERFECT!!! I got to spend a lot of time with my girls. I would not trade anything for the time I got to spend with them!!! Now it is time for school and training to start. I started cheer practice last week. I have found out that I am SO out of shape!! I started training last night in Salina. I have training on Wednesday and Friday of this week too. I am sad about the training on is Trav's birthday and he works a day shift now.......that means as soon as he comes home from work, I have to leave. I have no idea what we are going to do this weekend. Travis has a four-day weekend and we thought about going out of town for our birthdays......but I don't think that is going to happen now.....oh well, I guess.

I am going to post seperate updates for the girls!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rest of the Weekend

So here is what happened the rest of the weekend!
We got up Saturday morning and headed for Kansas City. It started out a good morning. Alta said that Curt was going to ride with her, so KayLynn rode with Sharon and Wilbur. Alta loves going on long trips (espeically with Curt) because she gets to watch a movie. It is so fun to watch/listen to her giggle at the movies. I started my book in the car when we left. At some point (I was really into my book) it started raining. While we were on the turnpike it was raining pretty hard. I was hoping it would let up because we were going to go to zoo. When we got to Courtney & Kelly's house, it was still raining a bit, so we had the picnic that we packed in their kitchen (well, everyone but me.....I was ALMOST done with my book and I HAD to know what happened!). The rain had let up for the most part, so we decided to go ahead and try the zoo. We got there and I was thinking, "We are going to get soaked!" When we got there, I overheard the lady at the front desk telling someone that Africa was flooded and the train was stuck there. I didn't have too high of expectations then. Well, if you know where the front gate is and were their rainforest place is, that's how long we were in the rain! We were in the rainforest place for about 15 minutes or so, and when we came out it wasn't raining anymore. It stayed overcast for most of the afternoon. The sun came out for the last hour. It turned out to be a beautiful time for visiting the zoo!! We were a little dissappointed that we didn't get to see the elephants and giraffes....they had been moved inside because of the storm. If you were to ask Alta about the zoo, she will tell you that she saw puddles and a bird that bit Uncle Curt! I think she jumped in EVERY puddle in the Africa part ( we encouraged it because it was hilarious when she would jump in it.....). After that, we checked into the hotel and headed back over to Courtney & Kelly's for supper. Courtney grilled hotdogs, brats, and other stuff. It was a good time! We headed back to the hotel for bed. Alta had a bed to herself, but she wouldn't lay down unless I was laying right beside her. I ended up falling asleep in her bed, but I didn't stay there too long! In a queen sized bed (with only 2 people) I was still getting kicked!!! KayLynn wouldn't go to sleep unless Travis was holding her on his chest. When she finally fell asleep, we were able to put her down. Travis had the air on. He didn't think it was cold enough.....I thought it was way too cold! It was a long night!
On Sunday, we got up and went to the Santa Fe Depot for breakfast. It was good food! We then headed over to Courtney & Kelly's for the bbq lunch. Uncle Curt got KayLynn to laugh like crazy when he was playing with her. If I can figure it out, I will post a video of it! After lunch, we celebrated Cael's 1st birthday!!! I can't believe it has been a year already!! He is just growing up too fast. He is one very loved little boy!! He is also really lucky to have his parents.....they are pretty great people too! As we headed for home, we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel :D That is one of my favorite places to eat! While we were there, my mom called and asked where we were. There was a storm heading for home. We didn't see anything too bad on the weather when we headed out, but we hit the storm when we got onto 18 highway. It was a good thing that Travis was driving because I wouldn't have been able to. It looked like the rain was coming down sideways, the lightning was almost blinding, and the wind was crazy! We did make it home safely and we slept in until 9 on Monday morning.

We are ready to hit the zoo!!!

Walking with Uncle Curt! She sure loves him!

Watching the flamingos.

Jumping in the puddles!!!


Uncle Curt making KayLynn smile!

Umm....maybe Cael will share with me!

Watching Cael eat his cake..... we get to eat cake!

I don't know who liked the light up card better: the birthday boy or the big boys?!?!?!

It is tiring watching Cael open presents!

I am going to snuggle with Uncle Travis......

.....nope....I will take a picture instead!

Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Great Time!

We had such a great time this weekend!! It started out on Thursday. Jennifer came back for the River Festival. We went out to eat with her (at Carlos.....of course!).....I hadn't eaten all day and so I devoured my enchaladas and fries. That was a bad move!!! As soon as I hit the heat with all that grease on an empty stomach, I didn't feel good at all. At least I got to Mom's house and was able to cool off before the Festival Jam. We took Alta to the Festival Jam (Sharon kept KayLynn because we thought it may be too hot for her at the Festival this year). I don't know what I am going to do next year when both Alta and KayLynn are going to be going with us and moving on their own!!! Alta was so cute! We got some little toys at the dollar store so that if they got lost, it wasn't that bad. We got some glow necklaces and bracelets. She was loving those all night long! She also loved when Aunt Tuff took her to play. She didn't like it when Tuff went to hang out with her friends. Alta didn't understand why she couldn't go either. We met up with some great friends at the Jam.....Kevin and Becca. They were sitting in front of us and Travis called Kevin. They came over and we were able to chat for a bit with them. Becca and I loved the people watching!!! We couldn't believe some of the things that we saw!! When we were in junior high, if we were pushing a stroller, it was a younger sibling or we were babysitting. There were so many teenagers there with babies.....we couldn't decide if they were the moms or the babysitters!!

We then stayed the night with Mom. Let's just say none of us (Travis, Alta, or I) got any sleep that night. We decided that we were going to keep her in our room because my mom and Ky were going to get up early and get a good spot at the festival. We let her sleep in bed with us. In a queen size bed, she had over half of it!!! She would hang off the edge sideways, then she would be kicking me (the lucky one in the middle), then her feet would be on the pillows, then she would be laying on just didn't work!!! Next time she is going to sleep on the floor!! We had a good time at the Festival on Friday. It was overcast, so it wasn't too hot that day. We got really smart this year.....we took our own lunch. So all day Friday, we only spent a little bit on food (usually we spend a lot on food!!)! Mom's wraps were better than my pbj, but I am still glad that we took our lunch. We got to listen to Taylor Kline sing (he won Salina's Got Talent). When the MC announce him, he said that Taylor was from the McPherson area and Taylor said, "No, I am from Delphos." The MC then said, "Well, that's near McPherson right?" We just giggled :P I was excited because Alta was big enough to do some of the crafts this year!!! My mom took her to make a button and a crown. She kept calling her crown the "frog hat." I don't know where that came from, but it was kind of cute! We made a bag and a turtle art. She loved playing the pirate duck game. She was pretty good at it too! Everytime she played, she got a Kool-Aid Kooler. She didn't want to take a nap, but we finally got her to sleep!!! After her nap, we went back to Mom's for a bit so we could shower and change for Nicki's wedding. Alta said she felt better after her shower. Wilbur came to pick her up and she stayed the night at their house so we could go to the wedding and the concert at the Festival.

Well, I will update more on the rest of the weekend later. I am going to post this now so you have an idea of how our weekend started!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishing Trip

So Nicole has been telling me to pull my weight with this whole blog here goes.

Alta, KayLynn, and I went to visit Uncle Curt today. We then went up to Glasco to go fishing. Alta loved the fishing trip. I'm not sure which she loved more, fishing with Uncle Curt, bouncing through the pasture in the Dodge, or just running around at the pond throwing whatever she could find at the water. After I got the girls ready, packed a diaper bag and loaded the Durango I forgot to get Alta's fishing pole...boy that was a mistake.....the whole time she kept telling Curtis how I left her fishing pole at home. She did get to help each of us catch a fish or two though. She loved to help real in the fish, or just real even if there was no fish. Curtis caught the first bass. Alta called it the baby fish. She was then worried about the mommy fish and kept telling Curtis to find the mommy fish. She really loves her Uncle Curtis. I think that she's ready to go again next time. KayLynn wasn't too impressed with fishing. She slept pretty much the whole time. She did wake up for a while, but just want to eat and then went back to sleep. I'm gonna try and post a few of the pictures that we took on the phone so no promises.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know....I know

Oh boy.....I can already hear it: "I thought she was going to keep this thing updated!"
It has been a crazy time since I went back to work. I tend to veg out in the evenings.....thus, not updating as often as I should. Where to start......the girls......
Alta is still her onery self! She loves to just have fun! She is starting to be a big girl!! Travis tried this week starting on potty training. There were a couple of days that she went around with out any diapers. I think she only had three accidents. One of the funniest things that happened though is when I was working on putting pictures in picture frames. Travis was downstairs getting ready to work and KayLynn was sleeping in her room. I told Alta to go play, but leave Sissy alone. All of a sudden, I heard, "MMMMOOOMMMMMMMYYYY.....poop!" I had no idea where she was or where the poop was. I go running towards her room and don't see her. She was sitting like a big girl on the potty chair. Sure enough she had realized that she needed to poop and went in there all by herself! I am so excited that she is getting so big!! She is still the awesome big sister! The other day she asked if she could read to KayLynn. It was adorable. Alta was standing in front of KayLynn (who was in the exersaucer) and was reading like she was teaching. She also worries about KayLynn. I get an update on Sissy about every 30 minutes......"Sissy sleeping; Baby crying; Happy Baby" She still lets us know what KayLynn is saying, who she wants, and what she wants.
KayLynn is also getting really big! I can't believe in just about a week, she is going to be 4 months old!!! She is definitely beating her older sister for teething!! There are two little tooth buds right under the gums. The only problem is she doesn't seem to handle it too well :( She has been having projectile poop, spitting up, and fussy. She doesn't like to be put down, whether she is teething or not. She has outgrown so many clothes! I think I am already pulling out the 3-6 month clothing. Yes, I know that the 4 months fall into this category, but you have to realize that Alta was in the newborn size until she was 3 or 4 months old. I don't know how much stuff we are going to have because I think Alta wasn't in 3 to 6 month clothing until fall/winter time. I am just so glad that she is healthy!!
I have been having a good time at work. I finally hit the summer break wall. We have three more days left.....I know they are going to be the slowest days for the whole year! I am so proud of all my students.....they have all grown like crazy. I have struggled this year with a lot of different emotions....but I am going to give it another year. Next year I won't have the crazy hormones, early labor, and not trying to figure out things just for the first time. I can't wait!
Travis has still been working like crazy! He still likes his job on most days. I know that when it is raining or if he has paperwork, those aren't his best days. I am just glad that he enjoys his job!
Hopefully since summer break is going to be getting here soon, I should be able to keep up with this. I am hoping to put up a lot of pictures of the fun I am going to have with the girls!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

YaYa Night

Last night was a blast!!! Linsay and I went to On the Pot's YaYa Night. It was a great evening to get away for a little bit. I made two ice cream for me and one for Travis. I am going to make the girls' ice cream bowls next month. They are going to be cordinating.....not matching! Travis was giving me a hard time because I miss spoke when telling him about it. My bowl is green inside with silver polkadots. The outside is blue and says, "mommy's icecream." Trav's bowl is blue inside with silver polkadots and the outside is green and says, "daddy's icecream." (Pictures to come!) I think I am going to do the girls' bowls with speckled orange and lime green colors with the silver polkadots. What do you think?

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I can't believe another month has come and gone!!!! I have been so busy! I started back to work on the 5th (well.....okay the 6th because of the Easter weekend). I have loved going back to work. My students have all given me hugs and told me that they were glad that I was back. That makes going back to work easier for me. I definitely come home and cuddle both my girls a long time though!! One day I spent an hour after school just holding KayLynn and giggling with her!!! Most of you are saying, "So what?" Well, I was having a cheer parent meeting at my house that night and I was not picking up!!! My wonderful husband did pick up for me though!!
Alta is now officially 2 years old!!! I can't believe that I am a mother of a 2 year old and a 2 month old! She had a great time at her birthday party! It was mostly family, but a few friends did come too. Her friends Brynn and Lewy came. They all seemed to have fun playing with bubbles, chalk, and balls. Aunt Julie made cupcakes for the day. I had talked to a friend at work about making just a small 6" cake with a Tinker Bell on match the invites. Well, it turned out that she made a HUGE cake!!! We have had cake everyday for a week now.....of course Alta doesn't mind!!! She asked for cake for breakfast one day......I said no.
KayLynn has been having wonderful times with her Great Grandma Hoard this month. We are trying to save on daycare and not have to take her until next fall when school starts. That means she gets to spend a lot of time with her grandparents......and I think they are having a blast with it too!