Saturday, May 22, 2010

I know....I know

Oh boy.....I can already hear it: "I thought she was going to keep this thing updated!"
It has been a crazy time since I went back to work. I tend to veg out in the evenings.....thus, not updating as often as I should. Where to start......the girls......
Alta is still her onery self! She loves to just have fun! She is starting to be a big girl!! Travis tried this week starting on potty training. There were a couple of days that she went around with out any diapers. I think she only had three accidents. One of the funniest things that happened though is when I was working on putting pictures in picture frames. Travis was downstairs getting ready to work and KayLynn was sleeping in her room. I told Alta to go play, but leave Sissy alone. All of a sudden, I heard, "MMMMOOOMMMMMMMYYYY.....poop!" I had no idea where she was or where the poop was. I go running towards her room and don't see her. She was sitting like a big girl on the potty chair. Sure enough she had realized that she needed to poop and went in there all by herself! I am so excited that she is getting so big!! She is still the awesome big sister! The other day she asked if she could read to KayLynn. It was adorable. Alta was standing in front of KayLynn (who was in the exersaucer) and was reading like she was teaching. She also worries about KayLynn. I get an update on Sissy about every 30 minutes......"Sissy sleeping; Baby crying; Happy Baby" She still lets us know what KayLynn is saying, who she wants, and what she wants.
KayLynn is also getting really big! I can't believe in just about a week, she is going to be 4 months old!!! She is definitely beating her older sister for teething!! There are two little tooth buds right under the gums. The only problem is she doesn't seem to handle it too well :( She has been having projectile poop, spitting up, and fussy. She doesn't like to be put down, whether she is teething or not. She has outgrown so many clothes! I think I am already pulling out the 3-6 month clothing. Yes, I know that the 4 months fall into this category, but you have to realize that Alta was in the newborn size until she was 3 or 4 months old. I don't know how much stuff we are going to have because I think Alta wasn't in 3 to 6 month clothing until fall/winter time. I am just so glad that she is healthy!!
I have been having a good time at work. I finally hit the summer break wall. We have three more days left.....I know they are going to be the slowest days for the whole year! I am so proud of all my students.....they have all grown like crazy. I have struggled this year with a lot of different emotions....but I am going to give it another year. Next year I won't have the crazy hormones, early labor, and not trying to figure out things just for the first time. I can't wait!
Travis has still been working like crazy! He still likes his job on most days. I know that when it is raining or if he has paperwork, those aren't his best days. I am just glad that he enjoys his job!
Hopefully since summer break is going to be getting here soon, I should be able to keep up with this. I am hoping to put up a lot of pictures of the fun I am going to have with the girls!

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