Monday, May 24, 2010

Fishing Trip

So Nicole has been telling me to pull my weight with this whole blog here goes.

Alta, KayLynn, and I went to visit Uncle Curt today. We then went up to Glasco to go fishing. Alta loved the fishing trip. I'm not sure which she loved more, fishing with Uncle Curt, bouncing through the pasture in the Dodge, or just running around at the pond throwing whatever she could find at the water. After I got the girls ready, packed a diaper bag and loaded the Durango I forgot to get Alta's fishing pole...boy that was a mistake.....the whole time she kept telling Curtis how I left her fishing pole at home. She did get to help each of us catch a fish or two though. She loved to help real in the fish, or just real even if there was no fish. Curtis caught the first bass. Alta called it the baby fish. She was then worried about the mommy fish and kept telling Curtis to find the mommy fish. She really loves her Uncle Curtis. I think that she's ready to go again next time. KayLynn wasn't too impressed with fishing. She slept pretty much the whole time. She did wake up for a while, but just want to eat and then went back to sleep. I'm gonna try and post a few of the pictures that we took on the phone so no promises.

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