Monday, June 14, 2010

What A Great Time!

We had such a great time this weekend!! It started out on Thursday. Jennifer came back for the River Festival. We went out to eat with her (at Carlos.....of course!).....I hadn't eaten all day and so I devoured my enchaladas and fries. That was a bad move!!! As soon as I hit the heat with all that grease on an empty stomach, I didn't feel good at all. At least I got to Mom's house and was able to cool off before the Festival Jam. We took Alta to the Festival Jam (Sharon kept KayLynn because we thought it may be too hot for her at the Festival this year). I don't know what I am going to do next year when both Alta and KayLynn are going to be going with us and moving on their own!!! Alta was so cute! We got some little toys at the dollar store so that if they got lost, it wasn't that bad. We got some glow necklaces and bracelets. She was loving those all night long! She also loved when Aunt Tuff took her to play. She didn't like it when Tuff went to hang out with her friends. Alta didn't understand why she couldn't go either. We met up with some great friends at the Jam.....Kevin and Becca. They were sitting in front of us and Travis called Kevin. They came over and we were able to chat for a bit with them. Becca and I loved the people watching!!! We couldn't believe some of the things that we saw!! When we were in junior high, if we were pushing a stroller, it was a younger sibling or we were babysitting. There were so many teenagers there with babies.....we couldn't decide if they were the moms or the babysitters!!

We then stayed the night with Mom. Let's just say none of us (Travis, Alta, or I) got any sleep that night. We decided that we were going to keep her in our room because my mom and Ky were going to get up early and get a good spot at the festival. We let her sleep in bed with us. In a queen size bed, she had over half of it!!! She would hang off the edge sideways, then she would be kicking me (the lucky one in the middle), then her feet would be on the pillows, then she would be laying on just didn't work!!! Next time she is going to sleep on the floor!! We had a good time at the Festival on Friday. It was overcast, so it wasn't too hot that day. We got really smart this year.....we took our own lunch. So all day Friday, we only spent a little bit on food (usually we spend a lot on food!!)! Mom's wraps were better than my pbj, but I am still glad that we took our lunch. We got to listen to Taylor Kline sing (he won Salina's Got Talent). When the MC announce him, he said that Taylor was from the McPherson area and Taylor said, "No, I am from Delphos." The MC then said, "Well, that's near McPherson right?" We just giggled :P I was excited because Alta was big enough to do some of the crafts this year!!! My mom took her to make a button and a crown. She kept calling her crown the "frog hat." I don't know where that came from, but it was kind of cute! We made a bag and a turtle art. She loved playing the pirate duck game. She was pretty good at it too! Everytime she played, she got a Kool-Aid Kooler. She didn't want to take a nap, but we finally got her to sleep!!! After her nap, we went back to Mom's for a bit so we could shower and change for Nicki's wedding. Alta said she felt better after her shower. Wilbur came to pick her up and she stayed the night at their house so we could go to the wedding and the concert at the Festival.

Well, I will update more on the rest of the weekend later. I am going to post this now so you have an idea of how our weekend started!

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