Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rest of the Weekend

So here is what happened the rest of the weekend!
We got up Saturday morning and headed for Kansas City. It started out a good morning. Alta said that Curt was going to ride with her, so KayLynn rode with Sharon and Wilbur. Alta loves going on long trips (espeically with Curt) because she gets to watch a movie. It is so fun to watch/listen to her giggle at the movies. I started my book in the car when we left. At some point (I was really into my book) it started raining. While we were on the turnpike it was raining pretty hard. I was hoping it would let up because we were going to go to zoo. When we got to Courtney & Kelly's house, it was still raining a bit, so we had the picnic that we packed in their kitchen (well, everyone but me.....I was ALMOST done with my book and I HAD to know what happened!). The rain had let up for the most part, so we decided to go ahead and try the zoo. We got there and I was thinking, "We are going to get soaked!" When we got there, I overheard the lady at the front desk telling someone that Africa was flooded and the train was stuck there. I didn't have too high of expectations then. Well, if you know where the front gate is and were their rainforest place is, that's how long we were in the rain! We were in the rainforest place for about 15 minutes or so, and when we came out it wasn't raining anymore. It stayed overcast for most of the afternoon. The sun came out for the last hour. It turned out to be a beautiful time for visiting the zoo!! We were a little dissappointed that we didn't get to see the elephants and giraffes....they had been moved inside because of the storm. If you were to ask Alta about the zoo, she will tell you that she saw puddles and a bird that bit Uncle Curt! I think she jumped in EVERY puddle in the Africa part ( we encouraged it because it was hilarious when she would jump in it.....). After that, we checked into the hotel and headed back over to Courtney & Kelly's for supper. Courtney grilled hotdogs, brats, and other stuff. It was a good time! We headed back to the hotel for bed. Alta had a bed to herself, but she wouldn't lay down unless I was laying right beside her. I ended up falling asleep in her bed, but I didn't stay there too long! In a queen sized bed (with only 2 people) I was still getting kicked!!! KayLynn wouldn't go to sleep unless Travis was holding her on his chest. When she finally fell asleep, we were able to put her down. Travis had the air on. He didn't think it was cold enough.....I thought it was way too cold! It was a long night!
On Sunday, we got up and went to the Santa Fe Depot for breakfast. It was good food! We then headed over to Courtney & Kelly's for the bbq lunch. Uncle Curt got KayLynn to laugh like crazy when he was playing with her. If I can figure it out, I will post a video of it! After lunch, we celebrated Cael's 1st birthday!!! I can't believe it has been a year already!! He is just growing up too fast. He is one very loved little boy!! He is also really lucky to have his parents.....they are pretty great people too! As we headed for home, we stopped to eat at Cracker Barrel :D That is one of my favorite places to eat! While we were there, my mom called and asked where we were. There was a storm heading for home. We didn't see anything too bad on the weather when we headed out, but we hit the storm when we got onto 18 highway. It was a good thing that Travis was driving because I wouldn't have been able to. It looked like the rain was coming down sideways, the lightning was almost blinding, and the wind was crazy! We did make it home safely and we slept in until 9 on Monday morning.

We are ready to hit the zoo!!!

Walking with Uncle Curt! She sure loves him!

Watching the flamingos.

Jumping in the puddles!!!


Uncle Curt making KayLynn smile!

Umm....maybe Cael will share with me!

Watching Cael eat his cake..... we get to eat cake!

I don't know who liked the light up card better: the birthday boy or the big boys?!?!?!

It is tiring watching Cael open presents!

I am going to snuggle with Uncle Travis......

.....nope....I will take a picture instead!

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