Saturday, April 24, 2010

YaYa Night

Last night was a blast!!! Linsay and I went to On the Pot's YaYa Night. It was a great evening to get away for a little bit. I made two ice cream for me and one for Travis. I am going to make the girls' ice cream bowls next month. They are going to be cordinating.....not matching! Travis was giving me a hard time because I miss spoke when telling him about it. My bowl is green inside with silver polkadots. The outside is blue and says, "mommy's icecream." Trav's bowl is blue inside with silver polkadots and the outside is green and says, "daddy's icecream." (Pictures to come!) I think I am going to do the girls' bowls with speckled orange and lime green colors with the silver polkadots. What do you think?

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