Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KayLynn Grace

I can't believe how big KayLynn is getting!!! She is already 8 months old!!! She started by rolling and scooting backwards (to her dismay)!!! One of her favorite spots to roll was under the couch. Now she is crawling like crazy. KayLynn has learned how to follow us around the house. We have to make sure the gate is closed at the top of the stairs! She is also cutting teeth. We have one little one on the bottom that has been there for good (we have had this tooth playing peek-a-boo). She is also figuring out how to get into things (to our astoundment)!!! She is getting into the wii stuff and the DVD player. We are looking into moving things around so she can't get into them! I will have to post pictures later.

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