Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alta Joy

Well, our oldest is certainly getting big!!! She has done quite a bit this summer. We went to Kenwood Cove (the waterpark in Salina) and loved it!!! Everyday she asks to go back. When we ate out for supper with Mom and Kylie on Saturday, Ky asked her what she did that day. Alta excitedly said, "Go waterpark!" When Kylie asked if she was sure she went.....AJ said that yes she did!! She also likes when the monkey spits on her on the lazy river.
Alta also joined gymnastics this summer. We signed up through the parks & rec department in Salina. She loves that too!!! Everytime we would leave, she would ask to go back. The whole week leading upto the next gymnastics "practice" we would be bombarded with questions about going back. I really like their program for little ones. There is one parent on the floor with them. First they stretch as a group. Then they go around and get to esentially play on gymnastics things like the double bars, mini vault, balance beam, etc. They also get ribbons and get to run around with them.

She has also loved going to all the fairs that we have been to. We went to the Ottawa County Fair. She had a lot of fun during the carnival/bouncy rides. She took part in the baby show. She didn't win :( There were a lot of girls in her age group (I think 10). We also went to the Cloud County Fair with our friends Wade, Linsay, Lewy, and Marlee (we went to supper at El Puerto before the fair and it was GOOD!!! Everyone should try it!). Alta was too short to ride on some of the rides. She was really upset when the big kids could go on the rides and she couldn't. She was allowed to go on the HUGE slide with someone and she LOVED it!! She kept saying, "Again" everytime she would get to the bottom of the slide. We went to the parade with my mom for the Tri-Rivers fair. This is the first year that I didn't go to the fair part at all. It was just really hot that week.

Watching the parade with Daddy......wanting some candy.....

Getting some candy during the parade with Daddy!!!
Ma came to Minneapolis for the parade and rodeo......she took me on the swing before the rodeo!

Standing and putting my hand over my heart during the National Anthem and watching the bring the flag in!

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