Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Days I really have no excuse for not having updated sooner than this.....we are on our #6 snow day this year!!  I am so ready to be done with snow!!!  And to clarify:  I have ENJOYED my time with the girls and my husband (he has had scheduled days off on at least 4 of the 6 snow days, if not all of them), but I am a week behind in one of my reading units for first graders.  It is amazing how your prospective changes when you are an adult!!  We have let Alta go outside for a couple of the days, but the others were too cold for her to go out.  During the first time that we had a snow day, Daddy and Papa went to Salina for a part for Papa's work truck and ended up bringing back a sled!!  She had such a BLAST on the sled!!!  At one point, Daddy and Papa both were pulling Mommy and Alta around the yard!  They also have a small hill on the front/side of their house that is just big enough for her right now (eventually she will realize that bigger hills means a faster sled).  Today she went out with Daddy again.  He pulled her around on the sled and they made snow angels (which she said both of hers were for Mommy :D).  I only stayed out for a few minutes to take pictures because it was really cold on any part that wasn't covered (ie...hands and face). 
Another reason I really don't like snow days as an adult is that it really hits my diet hard.....I mean HARD!!!  I have joined our program at work called Worksite Wellness.  We track our fruits and veggies along with our exercise minutes.  We just started our program on Monday.  It is helping keep me more accountable, but I tend to snack and eat more junk on snow days!!! 

I am also going to apologize for the way the pictures look!!!  I have never had SO much trouble adding pictures and moving them around my blog to where I want them!!!

 Travis and I went to Salina to finish up our taxes yesterday (our first snow day this week) and I picked up a cake mix to make with Alta.....I guess while we were gone she told Grammie that she wanted to make cupcakes!!  Grammie and Alta made the cupcakes and then Mommy and Alta frosted them.  She picked out yellow and pink frosting!!

Daddy and Alta making tracks around the house.........

Trying to get on the sled by myself...........

...........Need a little help from Daddy.......... I am ready to go for some more sliding (as she calls it :P)!!!

These are pictures from inside the house......didn't turn out too bad if I do say so it was MUCH warmer that way!!!

Then they decided to come up to the the flash glared a little.....then they threw snow balls at us!!!!!

KayLynn, Jaqu Von Kitty Kitty (who knows how you spell the darn cat's name!!!) and Grammie

KayLynn said "CHEESE" for this picture.......and I have an eye witness too!!!

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