Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wow....where did the time go?

Another week has come and gone! I can't believe how fast it went. Well, here it is the last day of January and KayLynn still isn't here. I think that she has decided that because we wouldn't let her come when she wanted to (back in December), she is going to stick it out for a while! She would get that stubborness from her daddy.....I would never be that stubborn!

Here is an update from the doctor's appointment on Friday. She says that I am still at a 2, but now I am 60% effaced. During lunch on Friday, the teachers were telling me that if I left everything that afternoon (the blanket and coming home outfit were on the bench in the house and the carseat wasn't in yet), the doctor would say that it was time to go in and have her. Well, I got to thinking about what they were saying and I got nervous. I had Travis put the carseat in the car and we got the outfit and blanket in the bag (which was already in the car). Needless to say, doc said we weren't ready. Oh well! I will say that now I think she will be here on Wednesday. Part of Trav's Christmas present was to get to go hunting with one of the other troopers (Wade). Wade's dad has birds that he raises and lets people hunt. Well, we thought that they were going to go up there later in February. Things have changed so they are going this week on Wednesday.

Alta is doing great! She was a little stinker today.....literally! I was taking a nap when she was taking a nap. Travis came home from work to find that she had woken up. She had also taken off her poopy diaper. The good thing was she was confined. We have her playpen up in her room and she has been wanting to take naps in it. Travis was a pun intended:P.....and got it all cleaned up and got Alta cleaned up....and let me finish my nap! What a sweetheart! We built her a mii on the wii today. She loves getting on the wii fit and playing the skiing game and the marble game.

Well, maybe in a few days we will have a post that says KayLynn is here!

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