Friday, January 8, 2010


So here I am again blogging!!! My husband is going to be so proud of me! The thing is, he knows how to get on here and blog just as much as I, if for some reason it isn't updated as isn't just my fault:P!

Today was not the best day. I had a meeting at school and almost passed out in the office. Thanks to caring co-workers, I was sent home for the day (instead of just the afternoon). I had a pain in my back that didn't allow me to get comfortable at all. I checked with my OB and she said that it would be alright for me to see my chiropractor. He was able to help a little bit. He told me some stretches to do to help reduce the pain and hopefully get my back in better alignment. He also said that massaging the area will help.....I told Travis that if he didn't believe it, go to the back and ask the doc!!!

Alta was so cute tonight. She was getting tired and wanted to play with my hair when sitting on my lap. The only problem was I had it in a ponytail. It didn't matter that I was playing cards, she wanted my head turned so she could run her fingers through my hair! I love it when she is cuddly!!!

Well, I am going to head off to bed to get some rest. Hopefully I will get enough to be able to get work done around the house tomorrow!!!

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  1. The problem, my dear, is men don't blog! I have had this little thing going since 2007 and Courtney has blogged ONE TIME!!! And I think he was a little drunk and feeling sad because we were leaving PR. Travis SHOULD blog about KayLynn when she's born so you don't have to but my guess is he won't. Courtney wouldn't even do it for me when Cael was born! Men....