Friday, January 15, 2010


So I am finally getting an update in here. It has been a busy week around our house!!!

Tuesday we went to Salina so Alta could get her bangs cut again. She is looking so much older!! I can't believe she isn't my little baby anymore!!! (Though she will always be my baby in my heart!) After that we went errand running.

Wednesday evening was nice. After practice, we had our friends from Concordia come down to eat supper and hang out for a while. Wade and Linsay's little boy is Lewy. He is four years old. He tried to play with Alta, but she didn't want to share her toys. The funniest thing though, was when they left she kept asking "Where's OOO-eeee? (Lewy)" We heard that for the rest of the evening while getting ready for bed. Then we heard it the next day too!

Thursday was a busy day too! We went to Salina for our doctor's appointment. She has decided that I should take my medicine for another week. If KayLynn decides to come earlier than that though, she (doc) said that she (KayLynn) won't have any premie problems. I am so excited!!! After our doctor's appointment Travis and I went shopping (Alta was at great grandma's house taking a nap) and we got some Big Girl panties for her. The only problem I ran into is the panties that have the plastic liner on it are like 3 times the size of her butt....and that was size 2T! (If anyone can find size 18 or 24 mo. panties....let me know!) This is going to be a HUGE step in our potty training process. I hope she does well with it!
That evening we went over to Mom's house for my brother's birthday supper. I can't believe he is already 18!!! It feels like it was just yesterday that I left for college and he was starting middle school! We got him this toxic candy stuff that is supposed to be really sour. It actually has a serious warning about not putting more than one in your mouth at a time because it can cause irritation! He was able to keep it in his mouth and eat it all in 1 min and 20 sec! He is crazy....I don't know where he gets it because the rest of us don't like that sour of things!

I felt like all I did today at school was go to meetings (which is what happens when you only work 1/2 days)! Today was Travis' first day back from his weekend. He is working the late night shift, so Alta and I went to wrestling. The Lions beat Ellsworth 53-0 in team points.....woohoo!!! Alta got a pompom that the cheerleaders were handing out filled with candy. Oh...she liked that! She ate all the candy. Now we are at home watching 8 below. She asked so nicely for a movie. I said which one....and she said dogs! She is just getting so big!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day again. I don't know if I will post (I will try if I feel up to it). The jr. high basketball player have their last tourniment in Ellsworth. I will only go to one or two of the games (that is about the longest I can handle sitting on gym bleachers right now).

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