Friday, January 22, 2010

One Day Closer.....

I can't believe another week has gone by!! It seems (now) that it went by fast! We had a doctor's appointment yesterday. I am finally off my medicine. That means that she could come any day now! Even with being on the medicine this last week, I dialated to a 1+ if not a 2!! I hope that means that these contractions that I have been having are getting me closer....two and half hours last night of contractions.

I think Alta is getting ready. This morning I didn't say anything to her and she came up and gave my belly a kiss. She is a sweet big sister!! I can't wait to find out what KayLynn looks like. Is she going to look just like her sister or are they going to be opposites? I have always imagined that my kids will be ones that everyone could tell they were siblings. Kylie made the comment last night that she hoped that KayLynn looked like Travis, that way one of our children looked like him and then one looked like me. Then she decided she didn't know if that would be fair to KayLynn (haha.....I thought that was hilarous!) so she was trying to convince me that we needed to try again for a boy.....that way the girls could look like me and the boy(s) could look like him. I think she really likes being an aunt!!!

Hopefully the next post will be an announcement about KayLynn joining our family at last....if not, that is God's will......we just want her here healthy!

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