Sunday, February 7, 2010

A lot has happened.....

Well, the reason there hasn't been an update in a week is because our lives changed and we were really busy!!

Sunday night was full of contractions. They got to be three minutes apart and were that way for about 1 and 1/2 hours. We finally decided to call Sharon to come into town and stay with Alta. We went to the hospital. I got hooked up to the monitors and they were still about every 2 to 3 minutes apart. The nurse asked me what I was dialated to and I told her that Dr. Johnston said a 2 on Friday. The nurse said that I was only at a one. I didn't realize that I could go backwards...haha! Dr. Prendergast was on call last weekend. He said to go ahead and keep me there since we live out of town and he would come in and check on me later that morning (we got to the hospital at midnight). He said that if I didn't progress, they were going to send me home to wait it out some more. Doc came in about 9 on Monday and said that I was dialated to a 2. We were going to have a baby in 45 minutes. I didn't believe that it was happening that fast. I said only 45 minutes.....and the doctor replied that I could wait and be miserable all day and he could do the c-section that night.

Well, they got me going and got all the paperwork signed. KayLynn Grace made her appearence at 10:41 am February 1, 2010. She weighed 7 lbs, 1 oz and was 19 inches long. The c-section went TONS better this time!!! I was awake the whole time. I got to see my littlest girl right after and hold her on my chest.

The recovery has been a rough one. When they put in the spinal block for the c-section, they puncture the sack in your spine. In 99% of cases, that is no big deal. I happened to be in the 1% though. Spinal fluid can leak and cause a nasty headache. I don't like needles....especially in my back. They had given me two options: a blood patch or IV caffeene. I chose the caffeene. They said it works 50% of the time. Well, I wasn't in that 50% so I ended up having the blood patch done. It hurts.....I wouldn't wish that anyone would have to have one done! The blood patch is supposed to work 98% of the time. Well, it worked for about 24 hours. I had gone home and woke up on Friday with a headache that made me throw up everytime I sat up. I went to my doctor's appointment to get my staples out. Dr. Prendergast sent us to get another blood patch done. They say this one is supposed to work. I have been doing a little better. I can now sit up and not have a headache. I still can't walk around without my back hurting, but at least I don't have a horrible headache all the time!

Enough about me.....everyone else is doing wonderful!!! KayLynn is beautiful! She looks so much like her big sister did when she was comming soon. She is a great baby, eating well and sleeping well. She has a dimple on her right side just like Alta.

Alta is a proud big sister. She is so excited to have a baby living with us. At the hospital Grammie(Sharon) let her use the digital camera to take a picture by her self. The picture only got the top of KayLynn's head and the bottom of my head. Grammie and Grandma(Cindy) went to get the pictures printed. They printed Alta some of her very own. She was so excited to be able to show off pictures of her baby sister, especially the picture that she took all by her self. The other night Alta was mad that we made her go to bed without letting her kiss KayLynn goodnight becasue KayLynn was already sleeping. Just after we got Alta tucked in KayLynn woke up crying because she was hungry. We could hear Alta crying in her room Travis went in to check on her and all she would say is "baby". We ended up having to bring her out and show her that KayLynn was alright that I was holding her before she would settle down. She is going to be a very protective big sister. Alta got a big sister present of a pictur album and she carries it all the time showing off pictures of "her baby".

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