Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just another day with the family

We have had a wonderful week together so far! Travis was off yesterday and today. He will be off tomorrow also! Yesterday we went to look for a vehicle. The jeep has had it last days we are afraid. There is a company in Salina that has offered us $2000 for it (and they will come get it)! We found a car that we like at their place, but we feel it is still too expensive. We have no idea what to do right now.
Today has definitely been one of those days with the girls! Last night went wonderful with KayLynn! She ate at 8:30 and then stayed awake until 10. She then slept from 10 until 5:30 in the morning!!! It was wonderful......although I did make Travis get up and check on her a couple of times to make sure she was still breathing. The morning was good. Alta went to daycare to play and learn. When she got home, we all laid down for a nap. The "fun" stuff happened then. Sometime during our nap, KayLynn spit up all of her lunch. We didn't hear her and she just went back to sleep. That means that I have no idea how long she was sleeping in her spit up....I felt like a horrible mother! Travis got up (we heard Alta playing) and found that our oldest daughter had pooped in her diaper. Instead of waking us up.....or just leaving her diaper on, she decided to take it off and got poop on her bed, on her floor, and on the doors in her room! So, in short we had to give both girls baths after their naps today! I just went with the flow.....but I think Travis was just a little more.....well......upset. I think he was ready to ship Alta off to boarding school this afternoon.....or at least to a Grandma's house for a LONG time!
We are so looking forward to this weekend! It is state wrestling time! We are not going to Hays this year. We are just going down the road to Salina to watch Courtney coach a few of his boys in the 4A state championship tourniment. KayLynn also gets to meet her Aunt Kelly, Uncle Courtney, and cousin Cael!! We can't wait until they get here......we may get to see Kelly and Cael Thursday night!

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