Monday, February 15, 2010


I am feeling much better now!!! I really need to get off the computer and start laundry and cleaning. I don't have much motivation except people are wanting to stop by to see KayLynn. This has been one crazy week!! KayLynn was started on antibiotics on the 6th for eye gunk. Then this last week Alta was sneezing all week. We thought it was just sinus stuff. Well, when she got up from her nap on Friday she looked miserable!!! We called and got a doctor's appointment right away. They said that it was pink eye that started as another infection (probably the runny nose) that got transfered to her eye. So now Alta is on antibiotics also. The good news is that since KayLynn is so young she still has some antibodies from me and being on the other medicine, she shouldn't catch what Alta has. Alta doesn't understand why she can't help with KayLynn right now. It is so sweet how much she loves her baby sister. I hope it always stays this way!!! I know I would do anything for my baby sister!

This is Travis' last week home. I am kind of sad. It has been WONDERFUL having him home. I wish we were independently wealthy so we could just stay at home and watch our girls grow up! I would like to do something special just the four of us.....if anyone has any ideas, let me know!! (We have to do it before Friday though.....)

Here is one of the hospital pictures of KayLynn......

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