Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Where did the time go?!?

This has been a crazy week for me! I have realized that my baby baby is already 1 month old!! I can't believe that the time went by so fast! It seems like I just had her! I have 5 more weeks home with her. I think that time is going to be gone before I know it. I need to take her one month pictures.....but now I can understand why there aren't as many baby pictures of my sister. When you have the next baby, you are so busy keeping the older one busy and making the younger one happy, you forget about taking pictures. I am trying to get better about that though. I guess I should take some pictures while I am thinking about it after I blog today.
Alta is growing up too fast also! She is talking (where you can understand it) so much more. Yesterday she was saying that Brody (the baby at daycare) was her sissy too. She wanted to bring him home. I told her that he had to stay at Katrena's and then he would go home with his mommy. She didn't like that. She was just so sure that he was going to come to our house. Last night we went to wrestling in Beliot. The girls went with Travis and Wilbur to see Grandma Hay while I was watching the cheerleaders. Alta loved the birds in the dining hall! After that, they came to the wrestling duel. Alta just thought it was grand to run between her Papa and me on the bleachers. She also loves playing with the Kelly girls. She said she wanted to go home with them last night.....and of course Morgan and Kerrigan said it was okay! I said that she had to come home with us though....I think all the girls were a little sad.
I am excited for the rest of this week! Hopefully tonight we are going to spend some time with some great friends in Concordia. I am so excited for Wade, Linsay, and Lewy!! They are going to have a little girl this summer! I hope KayLynn and their little one will be great friends too! It is fun hanging out with them. Grammy is going to watch the girls on Friday night so Travis and I can have a date night. We haven't gone out for a date for a while. I can't decide what to do.....any suggestions?!? Saturday is going to be a lazy day (hopefully)! I don't think we have anything planned.....and Travis is off....yay!! Then on Sunday we get to eat tacos and play cards at my mom's house!! Last time we tried playing cards, it got too late and Alta was fussy. This time we will have ALL afternoon to beat my mom and sister at cards! Travis and my mom get competitive. I just sit back and relax......though it is AWESOME if I actually beat them :D !!! So, I am going to have a great rest of the should too!!!

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