Thursday, March 18, 2010


It has been a long time. I actually haven't been online much this week. We have been busy!

Let's start with almost two weeks ago. It was a beautiful Saturday. We thought that we would go to the zoo in Salina. We called Curtis, Sharon, Wilbur, my mom, and Kylie to see if they wanted to go. It was a great day! It was warm....and just a little windy out. Wilbur wanted to hook the trailer to the Durango so they could pick up the swing set that they wanted. We started our afternoon eating lunch a Wendy's. We then went out to Rolling Hills. As we walked into the zoo, Alta started yelling, "POW!" When we looked around we saw what she had seen...the deer and antalope cage. Then she heard the geese that were flying overhead. She started powing them. (She is definitely her daddy's girl!) Then she saw the geese that were on the pond. Everyone was staring.....all we could do was laugh!

After the zoo, we picked up the swing set and headed home. On the way there, the car started making a funny noise. We pulled over and realized that there was something wrong. We went from two vehicles to none in a month. We are lucky that my sister isn't 16 yet, so she won't miss her car that much.......for a few weeks only you Ky! We finally got the engine today.....hopefully it won't take long to get it fixed (and hopefully we can save a lot fast to get the new car....the jeep is done for!).

Saturday we had a wonderful time with family in the KC area. We actually went up to Leavenworth on Friday and spent the night with Courtney and Kelly. We got there in time to eat tacos (which were so yummy!!) and see the end of the KU (I could have been K-State I guess) game. Alta decided that she needed to hitch a ride with Cael on his jeep (walker). He was able to pull her while she was on the back. I would think that would be hard for such a littl guy......I guess he is growing up too fast! I am posting a couple pics at the end of this post....I took them from Kelly's blog.....thanks Kelly! While we were talking, Kelly came out of Cael's room with a T-shirt. She was so excited because it was for his birthday and it said Return of the Jedi (Jedi is Cael's nickname). Travis just got a funny look on his face and I just started laughing. It was the exact same shirt that we had picked out for his birthday present! When we decided it was time to get the kiddos ready for bed, Alta thought that she had to help Aunt Kelly with Cael's bath. It was interesting. When it was time for her bath....we realized we had forgotten ear plugs. Thank goodness they only live a couple blocks from Dillons. We put her down for bed after looking threw all of Cael's pj's.....yes....I forgot to pack pj's too! As Kelly and I decided to join the guys down stairs for a bit I checked on Alta. She had taken off her pj pants and diaper. Travis got duck tape.....and yes.....we duck taped her diaper on. All I could hear was "You know you are a redneck when......" Saturday morning was good too! Breakfast was a little weenie in a cresent roll. The rest of the morning will have to remain a secret for now.....I will update after Easter.

After we left Courtney and Kelly's house we went to my Uncle Kip's house. He hadn't met his great youngest great neice yet. Morgan didn't get to see her though....she had to work :( Madison loved playing with both Alta and KayLynn. Alta found a new best friend. She would carry her anywhere she wanted to go and she had a playroom full of toys.....and Madi let her play with any of them! My grandpa and grandma were there too. They were going to be house sitting for a couple of days. We had a great supper of grilled hamburgers and tots. We got home at 9:30. It was a good trip.....but we are definitely going to make it be a longer trip next time....there was just too much to do in just 24 hours!

We have spent a lot of time out at Sharon and Wilbur's house this week. Travis and Wilbur set up the swing set that they got. They have worked on it a little bit each day. Alta got to play on it today (Thursday) and loved it! On Tuesday, Travis and I went bowling in Concordia. It was a fun least the second game was. Travis had 5 or 6 strikes in the first game. The score was no where close (I don't even break 100 when I bowl). The second game was close until the 7th frame....he got a strike and I started getting gutter balls! After bowling we got the movie The Time Traveler's Wife. I LOVED IT......even though it is a little sad. Wednesday was a good day too! I went shopping with Sharon and Claudia. We ate lunch a Carlos (thanks Claudia!). It was yummy!!! Today we went grocery shopping. KayLynn and Alta stayed at my mom's house while we were shopping. They love hanging out and playing there. Grandma and Aunt Tuff love it too!

Well....I think I have caught up with everything that has happened the last couple of weeks.

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